A dental implant is a substitute tooth root positioned into the jaw bone to provide an anchored foundation for restorations. Unlike a bridge, an implant is an independent restoration that does not rely on adjacent teeth for stability.

By using implants Dr. Brogna is able to restore the ability to chew and enjoy food, while eliminating the inconvenience and embarrassment associated with removable teeth. Though the implant requires surgery, it is the preferred to a bridge, because neighboring teeth don’t need modification to anchor an implant.

The perfect patient for a dental implant will have good oral health, freedom from periodontal disease, healthy gums, and adequate bone in his or her jaw to support the implant’s artificial root.

These are just a few of dental implant’s advantages:

  • They look incredibly natural and feel just like real teeth!
  • They won’t compromise neighboring teeth.
  • They’re permanent and stable.
  • They have an proven high success rate, and are considered an excellent option for replacing a single tooth or multiple teeth.

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