Composite Bonding

exam2A less expensive and less invasive remedy than crowns or veneers, composite bonding is an effective technique used to improve the appearance of your teeth. Bonding is ideal for masking teeth that are chipped, cracked, stained or injured teeth or reducing gaps between teeth. During the procedure, a delicate layer of plastic is painted onto the damaged teeth, adding strength and making them virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Composite bonding is a quick process, typically lasting less than an hour. Compared to veneers or crowns, it is a popular choice because it does not reduce the tooth’s original structure. Composite bonding is also relatively inexpensive. And finally, composite resins are available in many different shades. The shade can be chosen to match the natural color of the original tooth.

Bonding is perfect for repairing cracked or chipped teeth, hiding darkness on the tooth’s surface, or closing the gaps between anterior teeth. Whatever the specific intent, composite bonding creates more visually attractive teeth and a sparkling smile. Unlike veneers or crowns, composite bonding won’t require alteration of the original tooth. Tooth-colored fillings (bonding) can also effectively treat cavities without having to destroy large amounts of the existing tooth structure. Not only do you not have those depressing silver fillings, you also have a tooth that is much stronger overall.

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